Hyper Compressors
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Burckhardt Compression to Deliver Hyper Compressor and Process Gas Compressor API 618 for LDPE Tubular Plant in the US
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Defexpo 2016
27.03.2016 - 31.03.2016
Naqueri Quitol in Quepem Taluka of South Goa, India
GPA Convention 2016
10.04.2016 - 13.04.2016
New Orleans, USA
Gulf South Rotating Machinery Symposium 2016
27.04.2016 - 30.04.2016
Baton Rouge, USA

Hyper Compressors

The Hyper Compressor is a high-pressure reciprocating compressor for low density polyethylene plants and compress ethylene with discharge pressure up to 3'500 bar (50'000 psi). Burckhardt Compression has an outstanding experience of over 55 years in manufacturing Hyper Compressors. They excel with long lifetime and high safety requirements thanks to its unique design features and Burckhardt Compression's worldwide one-stop service.
The world's most powerful compressor, driven by a 27'500 kW (36'900 HP) electric motor and compressing 160 tons of ethylene per hour to a discharge pressure up to 3100 bar (45'000 psi), was built by Burckhardt Compression in 2007.

Compressor typeH, F, K
Discharge pressure [bar abs] / [psi]up to 3'500 / 50'000
Suction volume [Nm3/h] / [scfm]100'000 / 59'000
Mass flow [t/h]up to 225
Hyper capacity [kg/h]40'-225'000

Design features

  • Simple and robust design for high reliability
  • Rugged motion work with low specific loads for long operating life
  • Auxiliary guide to eliminate undesired plunger movement
  • Three different frame sizes available to minimize number of cylinders and to provide low number of moving parts
  • Unique central valve with minimized motion parts
  • High availability of compressor (crucial for continuous process operation) thanks to large cylinder bolts and slower rotation speed
  • Easy access to all wear parts
  • Burckhardt HyproPull™ - integrated hydraulic cylinder for quick service of the cylinder
  • Burckhardt HyproPack™ - cartridge system, pre-assembled unit including all packings for fast exchange and service
  • Distance piece between motion work and cylinder, preventing gas from entering crankcase with a safety device to prevent crankcase damage
  • Lube oil held in separate tank for safe operation
  • Low density polyethylene production (LDPE, high pressure process)
Gases handled 
  • Ethylene
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Co-monomers