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Rely on the manufacturers expertise to select your reciprocating compressor for any application. Our reciprocating compressors are suitable for applications other as shown below. Please contact us. 

Applications Products
  LabyŽ LabyŽ-GI Process Hyper
Air separation plants  
Chemical industry  
Cryogenic installations  
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)  
Environmental protection   
Ethylene oxide / glycol   
Fertilizer production   
Food and beverage industry   
Gas cylinder filling  
Gas injection  
Gas lift  
High pressure fuel gas injection for ME-GI dual fuel propulsion system from MAN Diesel & Turbo   
Hydrodesulphurization (HDS)   
Industrial gases handling  
LNG boil-off gas  
Low pressure fuel gas injection for dual fuel propulsion systems on LNG carriers   
Natural gas handling 
Natural gas storage  
Oil and gas industry
Petrochemical industry 
Petroleum refining   
Polyethylene plants 
Polyethylene production, low density  
Polymer productions 
Polypropylene plants   
Polysilicone production  
Product pipelines  
Steel industry   
Underground gas storage   
Underground natural gas storage   
Wet oxidation units