Creating Impacts Where They Matter

To use limited resources in a targeted way, sustainability must be impact-driven and relevant. That is why we work closely with our customers and develop robust solutions to tackle their challenges.

Our compressors are used mostly in upscaled industrial and energy supply processes. Hence the main environmental impact is in the use phase for our customers. With our technology and engineering expertise, we help our customers to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and resource use.

Existing compressor adapted to new process

We worked with a leading European oil and gas company to resize the capacity of a compressor to reflect new process requirements. The customer needed a solution that required a reduction in gas flow of more than 50%.

We started by conducting a detailed inspection along with a technical analysis. From this, we developed our solution to overhaul the existing compressor and adapt it to the new specifications. The right sizing of a compressor has a particularly significant effect on efficient energy use. This meant the customer did not have to purchase a new compressor or resort to the bypass system, enabling it to make optimal use of the existing resources.

The savings potential that we can unlock together with our customers exceeds our direct impact in operations many times over.

The fully revamped compressor is as good as new, thanks to our overhaul of all major components and upgrade to high-performance components. This has enabled us to successfully transition the compressor to the next lifetime.

Our customer will be able to save about 1’800 megawatt hours of electricity per year, thanks to the modified process.