Efficient Use Of Hydrogen

Successful energy transition depends on a wide range of technologies for the production and storage of renewable energy. Hydrogen has the potential in this context to be an essential stepping-stone in the energy transition in specific fields of application, such as heavy-duty transport, and as a complement to existing technology, such as battery-powered electromobility.

The use of hydrogen is not new to Burckhardt Compression; we have decades of experience in the compression of this gas. However, to be used on a broad and efficient scale as part of the energy transition, new requirements for the compression of this gas must be met.

With our new seals for oil-free high-pressure reciprocating compressors, we are able to support the forthcoming volume upscaling in the various hydrogen applications in a cost-efficient way.

We are working intensively on the further development of our compressor solutions, and we were able to launch an oil-free compressor with a discharge pressure of 550 bar and high capacity.

The large high-pressure reciprocating compressors have been specifically developed for use in a variety of hydrogen applications and are particularly suitable for hydrogen trailer filling and hydrogen fuel stations with high capacity. These compressors solutions have been designed for mass flows in excess of 150 kg/h and help to reduce the number of compressors required.