2. Energy Use and Efficiency


Our target for 2027: We want to increase our share of renewable electricity to 75%.

The development of society depends on the conversion, use, storage and transmission of power. Reliable and affordable access to power is a basic need. However, the extensive demand for energy is also tied to significant environmental impacts.

Our business activities have a significant impact on energy consumption, especially in production, raw material supply and the electricity consumption of our compressors in the use phase. Through energy-saving production processes, compressor design and services we can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy.

Our activities require energy in the manufacturing process, but by far the largest impact of our activities is in the use phase of our products.


Our approach

We endeavor to reduce energy demand and promote renewable energies. The focus is on:

  • Energy use, energy efficiency, and energy quality, including renewable energy in our operations.
  • Use and efficiency of energy in the operation of our products at customers’ sites throughout the use phase.

Our environmental policy and ISO 14001-certified environmental management system form the basis of our activities related to energy consumption in our value chain. Each subsidiary takes responsibility for reducing its energy consumption and increasing the share of renewable electricity according to our global target.

Our Winterthur site, for example, is in the process of implementing a mutli-year project to save energy in production operations and offices. As another example, the factory in Pune has won the GreenCo Star Performer Award (Gold Rating) several times. GreenCo is an initiative created by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). GreenCo’s rating system takes a holistic approach to measurement of the results of corporate environmental initiatives.

The energy consumption of our compressor systems forms an integral part of our product and innovation management. Through our comprehensive services, we improve the energy requirements of our own and third-party compressor systems throughout their entire life cycle.