2. Energy Use and Efficiency


Our target for 2027: We want to increase the share of renewable electricity to 75%.*

The development of society depends on the conversion, use, storage and transmission of power. Reliable and affordable access to power is a basic need.

Our aim is to reduce energy demand, promote renewable energies and contribute to the energy transition through our technology. Our activities require a significant amount of energy in the manufacturing process and significantly more in the operation of our compressors. In our approach, we focus on:

  • Energy use, energy efficiency and energy quality, including renewable energy in our operations
  • Use and efficiency of energy in the operation of our products at customers’ sites throughout th use phase

Our environmental policy and environmental management system form the basis of all activities related to energy consumption in our value chain. Each subsidiary takes responsibility for reducing its energy consumption and sets itself appropriate goals.

We continue our measures to reduce energy consumption in different sites. In India, for example, we achieved energy savings of more than 95’000 KWh in 2021 for the local site by conducting an energy-saving audit and carrying out several specific projects.

We are also increasingly turning to renewable energy sources in our operations. Recently, the subsidiary in Italy and the facility and headquarters in Switzerland managed to switch their electricity supply over entirely to renewable energy sources.

The energy use and efficiency of our compressor systems form an integral part of our product and innovation management. We have, for example, developed the next, more energy-efficient generation of Laby®-GI compressors. It features significantly improved energy efficiency compared with previous versions.

Through our comprehensive services, we improve the energy requirements of our own and third-party compressor systems throughout their entire life cycle.





*Excluding the Shenyang foundry where we rely on renewable grid electricity or technological developments to achieve our ambitions. We are committed to reduce emissions and increase renewable energy at the foundry as far as possible today and buy renewable grid energy or other options as soon as available.