3. Longevity and cyclability


Our target for 2027: We want to increase the revamp and upgrade sales of Services Division by 100%.

A large number of natural resources are finite, and raw material extraction is associated with significant environmental and social consequences. It is thus essential to keep raw materials for longer in the use phase and to close loops to use materials circularly.

Our compressor systems are built for a defined lifetime of more than 25 years and the average lifetime is 30 to 50 years. Our oldest known compressor still in service is 93 years old. Our comrpessors are made of more than 95% iron and steel, which ensures a long service life and makes them highly recyclable.

In the manufacture and servicing of compressors, we have a significant scope to contribute to a circular economy and support Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.

Significant impacts result from the raw materials used for our compressors, the replacement of components during the use phase and the use of operationg materials such as lubricant.

Our approach

We foster long life cycles and the circularity of materials for own compressors and those from other manufacturers by focusing on:

  • Longevity of new products through technology, engineering, easy maintenance, and optimized wear parts
  • Longer life cycles of existing compressor systems through retrofitting, overhauling, and longer maintenance intervals
  • Repairing of components and compressors
  • Use of recycled materials, in compliance with material requirements and standards
  • Recyclability of our products

To foster longevity, we use our in-depth technical knowledge to develop reliable, long-lasting, and high-performance compressor solutions. Our innovations such as Persisto® materials and Redura® sealing systems ensure a long-lasting operation. We offer a full range of reliable services and durable compressor components developed in-house to achieve our long product lifetime of 30 to 50 years.

By reconditioning equipment, we support the short recycling loop with a comprehensive range of revamp and upgrade services, as well as our refurbish programs for entire compressor systems. We also repair and refurbish compressor components such as valves using our global network of service centers.