3. Longevity and cyclability


Our target for 2027: We want to double the revamp and upgrade activities to 25% of Services Division sales.

A large number of natural resources are finite, and the extraction of raw materials is frequently associated with significant environmental and social consequences. It is thus essential to keep raw materials for longer in the use phase and to close loops to be able to use materials repeatedly.

Our compressors are made of iron and steel with a share of weight over 95%. Both materials are persistent and easily recyclable. With their lifetime of 30-50 years, our compressors are also very durable. The oldest compressor with a Burckhardt Compression serial number has been in service for 92 years. We secure this long lifetime through the services we provide for our own compressors and those from other manufacturers.

We foster long life cycles and the circularity of materials in our products and services, focusing on five aspects:

  • Longevity of new products through technology, engineering, easy maintenance and optimized wear parts
  • Longer life cycles of existing compressor systems through retrofitting, overhauling and longer maintenance intervals
  • Repairing of components and compressors
  • Use of recycled materials, in compliance with material requirements and standards
  • Recyclability of our products

To foster longevity, we use our in-depth technical knowledge to develop reliable, long-lasting and high-performance compressor solutions. With innovations such as our Persisto® materials and Redura® sealing systems, we achieve maximum performance for efficient, reliable and long-lasting operation. To achieve our long product lifetime of 30–50 years, we offer a full range of reliable services and durable compressor components developed in-house.

By reconditioning equipment, we support the short recycling loop with a comprehensive range of revamp and upgrade services, as well as our refurbish programs for entire compressor systems. We also repair and refurbish compressor components, such as valves, using our global network of service centers.


One focus is the advancement of our long-term approach to condition-based maintenance of compressors. We are moving away from standardized replacement plans based on the operating cycle to predictive maintenance based on the actual condition of the compressor. In addition to improving quality and efficiency, our data-based approach extends the lifetime of the equipment and individual parts.