6. Occupational Health and Safety


Our target for 2027: We want to keep the Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) below 0.7 every year.

Healthy and productive employees are the key to added value for our customers. The protection of physical integrity and promotion of mental well-being are therefore top priorities.

We are committed to the prevention of accidents and work-related illnesses and to the promotion of the mental well-being of employees and workers whose work or workplace is under our control. Therefore, we focus on two components:

  • Occupational health, safety-system and prevention culture
  • Mental health and well-being

Our occupational safety policy forms the basis of all activities relating to health and safety in the workplace

Our occupational safety policy and management system certified in line with ISO 45001 form the basis that governs all activities relating to health and safety in the workplace. All Burckhardt Compression sites are certified in accordance with ISO 45001, apart from the subsidiaries SAMR Métal Rouge, Prognost and Arkos Field Service, all of which have their own health and safety systems. Creation of a culture of prevention through raising awareness and involving employee representatives in the safety committee at each site is an important part of our approach.

To promote physical and mental health, the Dr. BeWell program was launched in 2019. Implemented locally, this includes a varied range of physical exercises as well as preventative measures and special topics.

In 2022, we carried out a global employee engagement survey, which included the topic of health and safety in the workplace. We were able to improve by 8 points compared to the last survey. The feedback is particularly valuable for further development of our management system.



The Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) has recently augmented from 0.7 to 1.1, due to the highly increased workload in the factories, related new hires and use of temporary personnel. We thoroughly analyze the cause of every accident, both those with and those without loss of workdays, and implement corrective measures. We are engaging in appropriate efforts at every level, on the part of management, executives and workforce.


Program to raise health and safety awareness

We launched a broad awareness-raising program on the topic of occupational safety. Using various media, including leaflets, videos and on-site installations, we highlighted the most important sources of danger. As a result, we were able to sharpen awareness and in the long-term strengthen our safety culture at our operating sites.