Sustainability Governance

The very top of our organization is committed to sustainability. Responsibilities are clearly defined at every level and closely linked to strategy. All sustainability-related activities are supervised by the Board of Directors. The Strategy and Sustainability Committee supports the CEO in developing corporate strategy and advises the Board of Directors on all matters relating to strategy and sustainability.

Firmly anchored sustainability governance

All members of the Executive Management are also members of the Executive Sustainability Team, which is responsible for the strategic approach at Group level and compliance with our sustainability roadmap.

Every material topic is led by a member of senior management. These managers form the sustainability steering group, which is responsible for implementing the sustainability roadmap and defining the topic-specific management approach.

Implementation is supported by designated experts in the field and key local individuals in the subsidiaries. They provide technical expertise and ensure on-site implementation.

A designated sustainability manager leads and moderates the sustainability-related activities at Group level and, as a technical expert, supports all functions and subsidiaries with implementation of the roadmap.


Our employees are the key to our success

Together we are successful and create sustainable value. We are engaged in the advancement of all employees and a diverse workforce and structure. They are a vital factor in the implementation of our sustainability ambitions.

We appreciate our employee’s expertise and promote knowledge sharing. Personal training and development are part of the annual appraisal and performance review process and are financially supported by the company. To ensure the ongoing development of technological expertise and personal and managerial skills within the company, employees around the world participate in internal technical, product and leadership training modules, which are conducted across the Group several times a year through a range of programs.

We promote and support new talent at all levels and are committed to the Swiss system of apprentice training. We are a founding member of the initiative launched under the auspices of the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology and the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce to establish an apprenticeship system in India based on the Swiss model; the company is also a corporate sponsor of the AZW Training Center in Winterthur for vocational career pathways.