Social Aspects

Working Conditions

Employment with good working conditions is a basic prerequisite for individual and social development. With our engagement in providing good working conditions, we contribute to the targets of the SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth.

Burckhardt Compression is committed to follow fundamental international labor standards and strives to provide working conditions above local industry average. Our approach to achieve this is centered around three focus areas:

  • Dialog and relations
  • Terms and compensation
  • Organizational culture


Dialog and relations:

We recognize and support the freedom of association as stated in our Code of Conduct. Open dialog with employees is a central priority for Burckhardt Compression and is carried out in all sorts of different ways. In addition to employee surveys and continuous exchange with line managers, employees are informed online several times a year by members of the Executive Management about the state of the business and other matters, with opportunities to have questions answered. In addition, we maintain several aligned digital and stationary platforms for a regular information exchange with our employees. Our ‘BC Connect’ online platform and mobile app for example is an exchange platform accessible to all employees with the possibility to receive, comment and create messages. In Switzerland, France, and India, various other instruments of dialog are used within collective bargaining and workers’ representation arrangements.

Terms and compensation:

Burckhardt Compression offers attractive employment conditions that are continuously being adapted to the latest requirements. We benchmark our salaries with external salary surveys compiled by Willis Towers Watson and have an ongoing monitoring system in place to eliminate significant salary discrepancies between equivalent activities. We have significantly expanded the flexibility to work from home and strengthened our infrastructure to enable our employees to work conveniently from any location.

Organizational culture:

We believe that our well-established corporate culture is the source of our competitiveness. The reputation enjoyed by Burckhardt Compression, and the trust bestowed upon us, largely depend on the integrity and conduct of each and every one of us. A comprehensive values program called ‘Values and Behaviors’ ensures that employees in the Group’s different locations and companies share and actively uphold the same corporate values and principles. The internal Code of Conduct sets fundamental norms and principles for how employees should behave in relation to each other and to partners, stakeholders, and the environment. A global Speak Up channel hosted by a third party can be used to report violations of our norms, values and behavioral guidelines.

Occupational Health and Safety

Healthy and productive employees are key for delivering values to our customers. By providing safe work environments and promoting health, we can assist in achieving the aims of SDG 3: Good health and wellbeing and additionally to the Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth.

We are determined to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses and to promote the psychological well-being of employees and workers whose work or workplace is controlled by Burckhardt Compression. We focus on two components in our approach:

  • Health & safety management system and prevention culture
  • Mental health & well-being

The basis for all our activities relating occupational health & safety are our health & safety policy and our certified management system according to ISO 45001. All Burckhardt Compression locations are certified by ISO 45001 except for SAMR Métal Rouge, Prognost and Arkos Field Service, all of which have their own health and safety management system. Numerous measures ranging from detailed risk assessments and safety walks accompanied by management to workplace safety training and personal protective equipment lead to a continuous reduction of risk exposure. Building up a prevention culture through awareness increase and by including worker representation in the safety committee of each location is an important complement in our approach.

Burckhardt Compression knows that physical and mental health is closely linked to performance, which is why it launched the Dr. BeWell program in 2019. Implemented locally, this includes a varied range of physical exercises as well as preventative measures and activities on special topics. The program is just one of the ways in which Burckhardt is improving employee satisfaction, health, and motivation is improved and reducing absences.

Product Safety

Our technology is in the core of various process industry and energy supply applications. Product safety and reliability is one of the most important competencies in our business, due to high pressures, long and uninterrupted runtime and individual hazard potentials of gases compressed. By providing product safety, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing.

Burckhardt Compression is committed to ensure a safe operation of the compressor system in any stage of the life cycle. There are five main areas of risk reduction in our approach:

  • International norms and standards
  • Simulation, calculation and testing
  • Process excellence
  • Control systems and maintenance
  • Documentation and training


Our comprehensive approach on product safety is based on five essential pillars:

  • International norms and standards: When developing, manufacturing, commissioning, and servicing compressor systems, we apply international standards whenever available. This includes safety risk assessment and the certification to mandatory laws and standards.
  • Simulation, calculation, and testing: Our extensive know-how in calculation and simulation enables us to optimize the dimensioning of compressor systems. We also have specific testing and inspection procedures to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Process excellence: Defined working principles, procedures, and our certified quality management according to ISO 9001 ensure that our processes meet strict requirements.
  • Control systems: We equip compressor plants with minimum protection systems that shut down the system in the event of a critical malfunction. Our PROGNOST®-SILver systems for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of reciprocating compressors and our UP! Solutions for greatest possible uptime and reliability are key tools for increasing operational reliability, extending service intervals, and preventing failures.
  • Documentation and training: To ensure seamless operation of the compressor systems, we prepare specific operating documentation for each installation and also offer numerous training modules online or at our training centers.