Our long history of quality

Our long history of quality

Compressors that function reliably for decades, smooth order process flows and adherence to the given cost and delivery guidelines – that is our quality promise.

bco_05042016_1552The highest of standards everywhere

Burckhardt Compression is committed to upholding the highest of standards, in acknowledgement that there is no better way to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reciprocating compressors over the long run. Our quality assurance systems monitor every stage of the business, from product development and manufacturing to the final inspection prior to commissioning, which is sometimes performed under the eyes of our customers. Our quality standards are binding at all Group factories and locations worldwide. Whether in Europe, Asia or North America.

Rigorous hardness tests

Every part of every reciprocating compressor that Burckhardt Compression makes is tailored to individual customer specifications and then manufactured in-house or sourced from reliable suppliers. From the tiniest screw to massive castings. A variety of qualityrelated tests are embedded directly into the manufacturing processes. Individual components will likewise undergo numerous tests. A time schedule is set for every stage of the work process and it is continuously monitored so customers can always count on delivery according to schedule.


Quality translates into satisfied customers

Our far-reaching quality concept ensures that the compressors we deliver to our customers will meet all performance specifications for decades to come. Reliability, ultrahigh availability and superior cost-effectiveness keep life cycle costs
extremely low. Burckhardt Compression also stands ready to handle whatever problems may arise in the field, at customer sites around the world. A fast and reliable partner.