Top-quality service

Top-quality service

Being close to our customers means we can guarantee ultrarapid response times and top-quality service.

bgrice_rgb2Interview with Benjamin Grice, Technical Support Engineer, Services Division


What is the number one challenge in the service business?

A quick response time is critical because downtime or, if worse comes to worst, a complete shutdown of production can have serious repercussions for our customers. So it’s very important for us to be close to where our customers are and to offer them solutions tailored to their needs.


What can you say about Burckhardt Compression’s relationships with its service customers?

Knowledge sharing is important for understanding each customer’s process specific needs. We have built strong and deep partnerships with many of our customers, especially those who’ve been operating our compressors for 30 years or more. This leads to a win-win situation. Often these long-standing relationships have fostered good friendships as well.


Continuous improvement process (click to enlarge)

How do you prevent mistakes from being repeated?

We have two main processes that ensure the reliability and quality of our products. One is the 8D process, the other the knowledge-sharing meetings. Knowledge-sharing meetings help us to feed field experience and practical know-how into our continuous improvement process. The 8D process, which is also used in the automobile industry, is initiated through a root cause analysis or in response to a particular customer specification. It is a cross-functional process used to formulate defect elimination measures and process modifications that are then presented to customers.


So working on teams and with different departments is very important to you?

I believe teamwork is essential for meeting today’s customer demands. Without smooth and efficient collaboration between our different operating units, our service response times would not be as fast as they are nor would the quality of our solutions be as good as it is. I was recently talking with a customer in Sweden about Burckhardt Compression’s reputation and was pleased to hear that we are one of their top three service providers. He especially praised the close collaboration we have and our
customer commitment!