July 01, 2017 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Annual General Meeting adopts all motions proposed by Board of Directors

330 shareholders participated in the Annual General Meeting of Burckhardt Compression Holding AG held at Parkarena in Winterthur on 1 July 2017. They approved all of the Board’s proposals. A dividend of CHF 7.00 per share will be distributed.

After a welcome address by Chairman of the Board of Directors Valentin Vogt and a review of the 2016 financial year from CEO Marcel Pawlicek and CFO Rolf Brändli, shareholders approved the annual report, the consolidated financial statements and the annual financial statements for 2016. They also approved the proposal to distribute a gross dividend of CHF 7 per share.

Approval was also given to the amendments to the articles of association that facilitate renewal of authorized capital, proxy representation at the General Meeting and a change to the remuneration system for members of the Board of Directors.

Shareholders elected existing Board Members Valentin Vogt, Hans Hess, Urs Leinhäuser, Dr. Monika Krüsi and Dr. Stephan Bross for a further term of one year. The AGM also confirmed Valentin Vogt as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Hans Hess and Dr. Stephan Bross were confirmed by shareholders as members of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee for a further term of one year.

The AGM approved the maximum amount allowable for variable remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board for the 2016 financial year. The Remuneration Report for the 2016 financial year was given consultative approval. Shareholders also approved the maximum overall amount of fixed remuneration for the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

The acts of the members of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Board during the 2016 financial year were discharged by shareholders. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG was confirmed as auditor for the 2017 financial year. Andreas G. Keller was re-elected as independent voting proxy.