September 10, 2015 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Burckhardt Compression inaugurates a new assembly building in Winterthur

Burckhardt Compression inaugurated a modern new assembly hall on Thursday, September 10, 2015. This historic milestone was celebrated with public officials, Burckhardt Compression’s Board of Directors and the Executive Board and the workforce in Winterthur. The new assembly hall increases factory space by 2,300 m2 to 33,300 m2.

Just one year after the cornerstone ceremony Burckhardt Compression was able to inaugurate its new assembly hall in Winterthur. The new building was built to the latest industry standards and increases Burckhardt Compression’s factory space by about 2,300 m2 to some 33,300 m2.

In his speech at the inauguration ceremony, CEO Marcel Pawlicek praised the people involved in the construction project. “Our long corporate history of more than 170 years has certainly not hindered our ability to execute major projects quickly and efficiently.” The new assembly hall is a result of Burckhardt Compression’s growth strategy and, as Pawlicek pointed out, it also demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to its operations in Winterthur. “After the management buy-out in 2002, the public listing on the stock market in 2006 and the purchase of the entire property in 2009, we’re proud to have achieved another milestone in our history with this expansion of our factory space.”

Representatives of Winterthur’s city council and Burckhardt Compression’s Board of Directors and Executive Board and its entire local workforce were on hand for the inaugural celebration. Besides the new assembly hall, a brand new large machining center in the site’s existing factory building was also ceremoniously inaugurated.

Modern industry standards

The new assembly hall meets all the latest industry standards. As it is wider than older factory designs, work can be performed on either side of the conveyor line that runs through the middle of the hall. Thanks to the special flooring, workpieces can be conveyed by air cushion systems. Ultra-modern crane technology improves safety and efficiency when handling the workpieces, which can weigh up to 80 metric tons. In the new painting booths, assembly parts can be washed, dried and painted in compliance with the latest environmental standards, without having to be moved between different places.