December 22, 2010 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Burckhardt Compression’s Laby®-GI Successfully Commissioned on Golar’s FSRU in Dubai

Burckhardt Compression successfully completed the mechanical test run of the Laby®-GI Compressor on Golar’s FSRU "Golar Freeze" in the presence of DNV (Det Norske Veritas). Commissioned by Burckhardt Compression and Golar LNG Limited the compressor is currently operating at full capacity.

On December 10, 2010 Burckhardt Compression successfully completed the mechanical test run of the Laby®-GI Compressor. DNV certified the test run and issued the survey report. The Laby®-GI was commissioned by Golar LNG Limited and Burckhardt Compression on the FSRU (floating storage and regasification unit) “Golar Freeze”, which is now permanently moored at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai. The Laby®-GI Compressor is used as a BOG (boil-off gas)/minimum send-out compressor and has been successfully in operation at full capacity.

The Laby®-GI Compressor is fully balanced which results in the elimination of unbalanced forces and moments guaranteeing a smooth operation for all offshore applications. The unique design combines two well established sealing technologies in a single crankgear for lubricated or non-lubricated compression. Therefore, the Laby®-GI Compressor easily manages the compression of LNG BOG at suction temperatures down to minus 170°C (minus 250 F) without pre-heating the gas nor pre-cooling the compressor. The gastight compressor housing eliminates gas emission and losses to the environment.

The order for the Laby®-GI was placed in April 2008, with final erection and installation in December 2009. The installation of the compressor skid was completed by Burckhardt Compression within 10 days at the dry dock Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

The “Golar Freeze” was converted from an LNG carrier to an FSRU and is capable of storing ~125,000 m3 of LNG and delivering up to 480 MCFD (million cubic feet per day) of regasified LNG to Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP) for further distribution into the Dubai natural gas network. Shell, as DUSUP’s appointed adviser for the project has worked closely with Golar LNG Limited on the development of this project.

Laby®-GI Compressors are used for liquid gas carriers, LNG/LPG FPSOs, FSRUs, LNG RVs and production platforms. They are extremely reliable with unexcelled availability, combining best performance with unmatched operational flexibility and long lifetime.


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Burckhardt Compression is one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors and the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of Labyâ (labyrinth piston), Process Gas, and Hyper Compressors. The compressors are used to compress, cool or liquefy gases. Burckhardt Compression’s customers include multinational companies active in the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, industrial gas and gas transport and storage industries. With the leading compressor technology, the high-quality compressor components and the comprehensive range of services Burckhardt Compression supports its customers in their effort to minimize the life cycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems.


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