November 17, 2021 | Success Story, Refinery, Europe, Non-Burckhardt

Compressor frame and baseplate repaired in parallel to save time

Burckhardt Compression supplied spare parts for a compressor from an Italian manufacturer to a refinery in Italy. While being on site with the field service crew installing the spare parts, the Burckhardt experts realized that the compressor showed some anomalies like extensive vibration. Burckhardt Compression Italy reacted quickly and proposed a full procedure to repair the compressor frame and baseplate in order to bring it back to stable operation. The customer agreed to the suggested repairs under the condition that the compressor is fully functioning for a scheduled shutdown only weeks from the order date. And holiday season was just around the corner.

“Following the technical intervention, the compressor vibration was eliminated compared to the past; and now, about a year after the intervention, we almost forgot about the compressor – it runs safely and reliably. Burckhardt’s readiness to act quickly and flexibly was a real added value that allowed us to look into the future with more confidence. We are very satisfied.”

Customer voice

Customer Challenges:

  • Damages on frame: crankshaft, main bearing housing and cylinder
  • Cracks in baseplate
  • Very short timeframe for repair including holiday season at end of year


Compressor on site before repair
Compressor frame on site before repair

Application Description:

Type 2HB / 2 type Gas H2 + HC
Power 285 / 382 kW Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

17 bar / 246 psi

26 bar / 377 psi

Speed 585 rpm

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Burckhardt Compression Italy submitted a full repair procedure
  • Repair of main bearing housing on frame and crankshaft executed at Burckhardt Compression Service Center in Germany
  • Supply of connecting rod bearings and repair of crosshead
  • Sandblasting of two cylinders to restore sealing surfaces
  • Compressor reassembly in workshop
  • Renewal of baseplate on site
  • Compressor start-up with Burckhardt Compression experts on site
  • Supply of spare parts for customer’s stock


Frame after sandblasting
Frame after sandblasting

Customer Benefits:

  • Flexible and fast approach with deep OEM expertise
  • Compressor back in operation on time for scheduled shutdown
  • Improved availability of compressor
  • Most economical solution provided by Burckhardt Compression
  • Strong, long-term service partner for future projects with Burckhardt Compression
Repaired compressor being installed on site
Repaired compressor being installed on site