May 09, 2022 | News

Compressor order for 20’000 tons per year green hydrogen project

Shenyang Yuanda Compressor Co. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Burckhardt Compression, has signed a contract with Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering Co. to supply three skid mounted fully balanced hydrogen compressors for Sinopec Xinjiang KuChe Green Hydrogen Project.

The world’s largest green hydrogen project
The project, with a total investment of nearly RMB 3 billion, is the world’s largest project under construction to produce green hydrogen from photovoltaic power generation. It consists of five major parts: photovoltaic power generation, power transmission, hydrogen production from water electrolysis, hydrogen storage and hydrogen transmission. The project will produce 20’000 tons of green hydrogen per year with a hydrogen purity of more than 99.9%. The hydrogen produced by water electrolysis will be pressurized to 32 bar by compressors and transported via pipeline.

High performance skid mounted compressors
The fully balanced compressor is ideally suited to large green hydrogen boosting and pipeline transfer projects. With highly efficient frame, the whole machine is half the size of a conventional low-speed reciprocating compressor with the same capacity. Fully balanced moving parts eliminate compressor vibrations and improve operational reliability. The skid-mounted design enables easy on-site installation and shortens the project construction time.

Superior hydrogen compression solutions
According to the process requirements, the compressor needs to withstand pressure variations of approximately seven times the inlet pressure while guaranteeing a stable outlet pressure. It also needs to be optimized in terms of energy consumption. This places high demands on the compressor and control logic design, which will rely on Burckhardt Compression’s extensive technology and experience to provide customers with excellent solutions.