October 14, 2021 | Success Story, Laby®-GI Compressor, Marine

Compressor overhaul on LNG carrier in Voyage from Europe to North America

One of the world’s largest owners and operators of LNG carriers planned to overhaul one of its compressors aboard the vessel.
Despite the project challenges overhauling a compressor when the vessel is on high sea, Burckhardt Compression conducted the overhaul to the customer's full satisfaction and ahead of schedule.

“Burckhardt Compression has overhauled the compressor system within the proposed boundaries of the voyage. Moreover, they detected and repaired additional components to our fullest satisfaction.
We were very happy with the services provided by Burckhardt Compression and its dedicated Fleet Management – even during Easter time.”

Customer voice

Customer Challenges:

  • Service intervention of 16’000 and 20’000 running hours to be executed at once
  • Overhaul on high sea needs special planning by service professionals to tend to routine maintenance
  • Ensuring that the compressor runs smoothly for many more months with highest uptime and availability
Replacement of all wear parts was part of the project.

Application Description:

Type Burckhardt Compression Laby®-GI 5LP250 Gas Methane / Nitrogen
Power 1’950 kW / 2’614 hp Suction pressure
Discharge pressure
1.06 bara / 15.37 psia
305 bara / 4’424 psia
Speed 509 rpm Lubrication 4th and 5th stage cylinder lube oil


Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Burckhardt Compression Fleet Management Services
  •  Complete pre-inspection and state-of-the-art condition analysis
  • Compressor condition analysis and digital performance summary with Prognost
  • Supervisory services from Burckhardt Compression as direct line of communication
  • Coordination of overhaul of spare parts and swing-set handling
  • Assessment and replacement of all wear parts, identification and elimination of potential problem factors
  • Component overhaul at nearest Burckhardt Compression Service Center on land
Supervisory services from Burckhardt Compression
Supervisory services from Burckhardt Compression

Customer Benefits:

  • Overhaul scenarios were offered to allow the customer the flexibility of extending or shortening the stay of Burckhardt Compression personnel on the vessel
  • All parts were analyzed, measured and evaluated
  • Project was completed ahead of schedule
  • Qualified remote technical support during the overhaul project
  • Accurate forecasting and highest compressor reliability until next planned maintenance
Laby®-GI 5LP250 being overhauled
Laby®-GI 5LP250 being overhauled

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