Customer Feedback

Your Feedback Helps Us to Get Better

Burckhardt Compression uses a variety of different customer satisfaction surveys for different project phases to learn how we can further improve our products and services, in order to meet your expectations as a valued customer. Below we give you an update on the current status of these activities and describe how we include your feedback into our processes. In addition, we would like to invite you to participate in a new survey conducted by the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors (EFRC) regarding user experience with different compressor technologies.

1. Three Stages of Feedback

Our Customer Satisfaction process gathers feedback at three different project phases. This enables us to create a comprehensive overview of the customer’s experience during the full lifecycle of the project.

The first survey is conducted at the end of the procurement phase. Here, we focus on the customer’s impression of Burckhardt Compression during the FEED, quotation and negotation phases regarding scope of supply, technical solution and the fullfillment of specifications.

The second time we collect our customer’s feedback happens after the inspection, which usually takes place at one of our manufacturing facilities. The third and last phase is defined by the end of project execution, which takes place when the project is closed and handed over to the customer. This survey mainly concentrates on product quality and delivery perfomance.


2. Feedback Evaluation

After receiving the feedback forms, they are collected and consolidated into a set of different KPIs. Those statistics are a main task of our CFCI (Customer Focus and Continuous Improvement) team, which meets regularly to track the KPIs and discuss specific commentary feedback from all of the forms. Please find below a selection of comments we have received through these forms:

“Excellent, expecially the project manager was quick and prompt with responding, very responsible and helpful!”

“During the project, the E&I engineer left the company. That caused some issues.”

“Would like to have always as much interactions with your sales and other technical team as for this project, so that tendering and job execution phase always goes smooth.”

“Very active communication, professional support, quick and correct identification and solving of problems.”

The CFCI team, which consists of members from all departments involved in customer projects, has the responsibility to define specific actions to improve customer satisfaction, based on the feedback mentioned above.


3. Actions for Improvement

The actions of improvement, defined by the CFCI team, are tracked and supervised internally on a regular basis. This ensures an efficient and customer-oriented response and integration into existing company processes. Our main goal is to implement the feedback to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Through this approach, we were able to improve the average customer satisfaction index during the second half of 2019 from 8.1 in July to 8.8 in December. In addition, the number of surveys received has risen from 64 (July) to 83 (December).

We are confident, that with this process of continuous improvement based on customer feedback, we will be able to further improve our products, services and internal processes in order to become the best possible partner for our customers.