11. Oktober 2016 | Nordamerika, Prozessgas-Kompressor, Petro-/Chemische Industrie, Success Story

Burckhardt Poppet Valve™ in Challenging Gas Service

The valves of a non-Burckhardt compressor only lasted for 6 weeks in a challenging application. Burckhardt Compression analyzed the problem could increase the valve lifetime by 200% by installing poppet valves.

Customer Challenges:

  • Current plate valve only lasted 6 weeks due to sticky ethylene application
  • Gas is highly contaminated
  • To increase valve lifetime
  • To reduce service maintenance time of valve service



Application Description:

Type Dresser Rand Clark

CMA-2, 1st Stage

Gas Ethylene

Vinyl acetate

Power 75 kW / 100 BHP Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

2.03 bara / 30 psia

10.79 bara / 159 psia

Speed 590 rpm Lubrication Lube

Burckhardt Comression Solution:

  • Custom-engineered Burckhardt Poppet ValveTM with optimized performance
  • Less clogging thanks to high lift area and aerodynamic flow path
  • Due to construction of the Burckhardt Poppet Valve™, the valve is repaired on
    site by the customer himself achieving the new valve standard



Customer Benefits:

  • Valve lifetime increased by 200%
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Reconditioning on site of the valve, therefore fast maintenance service
  • Very simple maintenance without any special tools
  • Highest efficiency due to the improved design of the Burckhardt Poppet