28. Februar 2020 | Raffinerie, Prozessgas-Kompressor, Asien, Success Story

Compressor Revamp to guarantee its proper Functioning

The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. in Haldia, India, had problems with two of its compressors. Without any major overhauls, the two 27-year-old compressors – one operational, the other in standby – were prone to malfunction because of its damaged piston rings, valve plates and springs. Burckhardt  Compression revamped the compressor – which included modifying the existing piston and piston rings – to bring it back to proper functionality.

„We are very satisfied with the work of Burckhardt Compression. Since the compressor was revamped, its performance has been excellent. Based on the available information and the his own observations during disassembly of the compressor, the field service engineer suggested various modifications to overcome and resolve the existing issues.
Helpful and thoughtful!”

Tanmoy Sarkar, Maintenance Manager, Haldia Refinery

Customer Challenges:

  • Two 27-year old compressors in operation
  • Frequent failure of piston rings, valve plates and springs
  • No original OEM manual or other data about clearances / tolerances / limits available


Application Description:

Type Other brand compressor
164 ME 125ch
Gas Hydrogen
Power 37 kW Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

65 kg/cm2_a

75 kg/cm2_a

Speed 410 rpm Lubrication Lube

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • On-site analysis based on history, available data and observations
  • Detailed study and recommendations
  • Modification of existing piston, piston rings and packings
  • Reverse engineering and delivery of cylinder liner
  • Refurbishment of the crankshaft, Tungsten Carbide coating of the piston rod and
    refurbishment of the piston
  • Rectification of the compressor foundation and total installation


Number of compressor failures before

Customer Benefits:

  • Zero machine downtime: running without any issues and or frequent maintenance needs
  • Increase of mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Increase of final discharge flow by 15% at the same operating conditions and
    gas purity
  • Reduced process gas leakage from the piston rod packing
  • Reduction in the vibration level with regards to the standby compressor
  • Customer Service available at all times
  • Full warranty on all new parts manufactured by Burckhardt Compression


Burckhardt Compression employee working on a piston rod in our service center in Dubai

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