2. Juni 2022 | Success Story, Raffinerie, Laby® Kompressor, Mittlerer Osten & Afrika

Cost effective solution: Overhaul of 2nd hand Laby® setting its clock back to zero hours

Arxada, a global specialty chemicals business with leading positions in Microbial Control Solutions (MCS) and Specialty Products Solutions (SPS) needed to produce Methylbutynol, a feedstock for vitamin production.

An additional production line was necessary and Arxada turned to Burckhardt Compression to find the best and most cost-effective solution. Technical and commercial discussions resulted in the offer of a skid-mounted, 2nd hand Laby® compressor that Burckhardt Compression would overhaul to set its clock back to zero hours.

„We are very satisfied with our customized compressor skid and its retrofitted Laby® compressor. Burckhardt Compression has provided us with a cost-effective, reliable and high-quality solution. We can look back on a long-standing partnership, which we will continue to build on in the future.“

Claudio Furrer, Plant Engineer
Arxada AG

Customer Challenges:

  • Cost-effective solution was needed
  • Reliability and availability were key features
  • Only 11 months to complete project
  • Turnkey or plug-and-play, skid-mounted solution
Test run of Laby® compressor according to Burckhardt's regulations
Test run of Laby® compressor according to Burckhardt’s regulations

Application Description:

Compressor manufacturer:  Burckhardt Compression
Type Laby® 2K90-2B Gas NH3
Power 55 kW / 74 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

2 bar / 29 psi

14 bar / 203 psi

Speed 820 rpm



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Overhaul of a 2K90-2B 2nd hand Laby® from Burckhardt’s compressor pool
  • Complete skid design, calculations and production to fit operating data
  • Pressure test of crankcase cylinder and cylinder cover
  • Machining of flywheel and skid design for belt-driven compressor
  • Assembly, full test run and painting
  • New specifications for the complete skid assembly
  • Installation and commissioning at customer site
Fully overhauled compressor skid installed at customer's plant
Fully overhauled compressor skid installed at customer’s plant.

Customer Benefits:

  • Compact and efficient turnkey solution
  • Oil-free Laby® technology to ensure a clean process and production
  • On-time delivery, plug-and-play installation, on budget
  • Highest quality for reliable operation
Compressor skid in operation at Arxada
Compressor skid in operation at Arxada