6. Juli 2021 | Success Story, Mittlerer Osten & Afrika, Petro-/Chemische Industrie, Non-Burckhardt

Doubled lifetime of high-pressure components after modernization of other brand hyper compressor

Burckhardt Compression was selected to modernize MOL Petrochemicals' other brand hyper compressor at its LDPE plant in Tiszaújváros, Hungary. Based on its many years of experience, Burckhardt Compression is capable of developing comprehensive solutions that are compatible with the given framework of any compressor. The project scope included the high-pressure packing, plungers and central valves for second-stage cylinders to be installed all under the supervision of a highly qualified Field Service Representatives team.

„Burckhardt Compression really provided a comprehensive solution of great value to us. After they assessed our
hyper compressor we received a detailed report with replacement and upgrade recommendations.
Since the compressor modernization, our system availability has increased significantly.“

MOL Petrochemicals

Customer Challenges:

  • Frequent unscheduled plant shutdowns caused by failing components
  • Hyper compressor operating under very challenging conditions
  • Condition assessment needed for 30-year-old hyper compressor
  • Very short lifetime of the high-pressure (HP) packing and other hyper compressor key components
  • High leakage
MOL Petrochemicals LDPE plant in Tiszaújváros, Hungary

Application Description:

Type: 6PK/2 Gas: Ethylene
Power: 6 MW / 8’046 hp Suction pressure:
Discharge pressure:
250 bara/3’600 psia
2’800 bara/40’600 psia
Speed: 214 rpm Lubrication: Forced lubrication to

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • On-site condition assessment incl. high-pressure components to define scope
  • Retrofit of HP packing according to the latest Burckhardt Compression design
  • Reverse engineering of valve unit and plunger, incorporating Burckhardt Compression’s latest manufacturing expertise
  • Dedicated team of highly qualified Field Service Representatives and Technical Support on site
  • Verification of third-party lubrication pump unit in order to ensure the oil supply
  • Training of customer’s maintenance team in the modern facility in Switzerland
  • Experience and knowledge exchange about the LDPE process and lubrication challenges


Installation of the HP packing during assembly

Customer Benefits:

  • System availability and components lifetime increased more than 100%
  • Over 50% reduction in maintenance and operating costs
  • Significantly reduced leakage
  • Increased safety level of MOL’s trained maintenance team
  • Detailed assessment report
  • Nearby Service Center for fast HP component refurbishments and support


Cylinder disassembly

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