15. September 2018 | Hyper-Kompressor, Prozessgas-Kompressor, Europa, Petro-/Chemische Industrie, Success Story

Overhaul of LDPE Compressors – Outstanding Field Service Team – Zero Safety Incidents

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, awarded Burckhardt Compression for the compressor overhaul of its booster/primary from Nuovo Pignone (NP) and Hyper (secondary) Compressor (BC) at its LDPE plant in Geleen, Netherlands. Thanks to detailed
resource planning, both compressors were overhauled in only 16 days with zero safety incidents. Burckhardt Compression made this possible because they provided a strong Field Service Representative team with its own QHSE Manager.

„Burckhardt Compression’s Field Service Team did an outstanding job. We highly appreciated their comprehensive know-how, broad experience and proactive approach. Thanks to their careful and thorough planning, the project was finished on time, without any safety incidents.“

Mr. Bert Colaris, Discipline Engineer,
Rotating and High Pressure Technical Department PE,
SABIC, The Netherlands

Customer Challenges:

  • General overhaul of booster/primary and Hyper (secondary) Compressor
  • Replacement of the main drive motor
  • Customer complained about a high coordination burden from having to work with several compressor service providers on-site and blurred lines of responsibility
  • Therefore SABIC wanted to work with a leading contractor/OEM who could provide its own Field Service Representatives and site coordinator

Application Description:

Type 1) Hyper Compressor: F10
2) Booster/primary: 6HF/2-3
Gas Ethylene
Power 1) 13’000 kW / 17’400 hp
2) 4’300 kW / 5’700 hp
Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

1) 250 bara / 3’600 psia
2’600 bara / 37’700 psia
2) 2.38 bara / 35 psia
250 bara / 3’600 psia 
Speed 1) 13’000 kW / 17’400 hp
2) 4’300 kW / 5’700 hp

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • On-site inspection of compressors, including spare parts and overhaul recommendations
  • Overhaul of cylinder lubrication pump group
  • Overhaul of six stuffing boxes at our Service Center in Neuss, Germany
  • Responsibility for main motor alignment
  • Detailed resource planning: two teams of own Field Service Representatives and Supervisors, working in two shifts
  • Dedicated on-site coordinator from BC who was responsible for on-time delivery and compliance with safety regulations according to QHSE/HSE



Other brand booster/primary compressor

Customer Benefits:

  • Shortest possible downtime of compressors
  • Reduced vibrations to a minimum
  • Reduced coordination efforts due to one contractual party with overall responsibility
  • Large and highly qualified Field Service Representative team for reliable and fast execution
  • Own QHSE Manager to ensure full compliance with safety standards
  • Zero safety incidents/accidents


Hyper Compressor during overhaul