3. März 2022 | Laby®-GI Kompressor, Schifffahrt, News

Prevention is better than cure

Well-planned maintenance of any equipment is essential for long-term reliability and efficiency. Following the routine servicing carefully detailed in the operator’s manual may seem obvious, but this is crucial to preventing potential downtime caused by avoidable issues. This is especially important for equipment, such as reciprocating compressors, that form a vital part of multi-million dollar marine gas transport vessels and need to operate reliably round-the-clock.

Anthony Cornes, Key Account Manager – Marine Service Solutions at Burckhardt Compression looks at the importance of following the correct maintenance procedures.
Like most large pieces of equipment, each compressor is specifically designed for a particular application. Using the most appropriate materials and components, which are tailored to the individual application, each build is unique. To reflect this, the installation and operation manuals will often have information that is exclusive to a particular machine.