November 19, 2010 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Delivery of Revamped Process Gas Compressor Units to PETROBRAS Refinery Completed

PETROBRAS selected Burckhardt Compression (Brasil) Ltda. to revamp their existing Process Gas Compressors that are operated in the PETROBRAS RECAP refinery in Capuava, Brazil.

Burckhardt Compression (Brasil) Ltda. finalized the delivery of two revamped Process Gas Compressors to the PETROBRAS RECAP refinery in Capuava, Brazil. The order included the relocation of deactivated compressors and the redesign and revamp of the existing equipment in order to comply with PETROBAS’ new operating conditions. In 1996, the Process Gas Compressors were manufactured by Burckhardt Compression and originally delivered to PETROBRAS REPLAN refinery in Paulinia, Brazil.

The Process Gas Compressors comply with the API 618 guidelines and will be installed in the natural gas recycling system of the refinery raising the pressure from 17 to 36 bar. Several components have been reused to save the customer’s investment costs. The scope of supply also includes the engineering and manufacturing of new auxiliaries, such as heat exchangers, pulsation dampeners, lubrication system and the revamp of the entire monitoring and control system. Further, the two units will be equipped with the Burckhardt Poppet ValveTM. These in-house engineered compressor valves are fully field repairable aiming lowest operating costs.

Burckhardt Compression (Brasil) Ltda. is a subsidiary of Burckhardt Compression AG, Switzerland, and offers the full Burckhardt Compression product portfolio, including Sales, Engineering and Project Management. In its Service Center valve service, revamps, repairs and packaging of compressor units are performed locally.

Productivity and availability improvements or changing compression requirements of existing reciprocating compressors often call for revamps or up-ratings. With Burckhardt Compression’s
in-house state-of-the-art sizing and finite element analysis tools professional specialists are able model and calculate any existing reciprocating compressor to improve compressor operation, increase load or re-engineer parts.

As an OEM with over 160 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of reciprocating compressors, Burckhardt Compression has a dedicated team of specialists and technical competence for revamps, overhauls, engineering services and repairs for other brand compressors. Burckhardt Compression’s Process Gas Compressors are used in the refinery and petrochemical industry as well as for industrial gases and gas transport and storage. The company’s Process Gas Compressor represents highest availability and a long meantime between overhaul thanks to an optimized compressor sizing and selection, also in regards to high quality compressor components and valves. Uncomplicated design principles result in easy maintenance work and short downtime for overhauls. Burckhardt Compression’s aim is to deliver compressor solutions with lowest life cycle costs.


About Burckhardt Compression
Burckhardt Compression is one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors and the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of Labyâ (labyrinth piston), Process Gas, and Hyper Compressors. The compressors are used to compress, cool or liquefy gases. Burckhardt Compression’s customers include multinational companies active in the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, industrial gas and gas transport and storage industries. With the leading compressor technology, the high-quality compressor components and the comprehensive range of services Burckhardt Compression supports its customers in their effort to minimize the life cycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems.


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