October 11, 2022 | Success Story, Asia, Laby®-GI Compressor, Marine

Four dry-dock compressor services completed within 3.5 months

Within 3.5 months, four Korean-owned LNG vessels went into dry dock to complete their 5-year service in Korea and Burckhardt Compression was on board to service the compressor systems and auxiliaries.

All four vessels are under a long-term service agreement (LTSA) with Burckhardt Compression Fleet Management Solutions and therefore, the optimized scope could be prepared well ahead. The cooperation between our global Technical Support Center and the local experts facilitated a one-stop-solution for our customers.

“Thanks to the close collaboration between Burckhardt Compression Korea and KLCSM, the 5-year dry dock maintenance of the high-pressure cargo compressors was successfully completed. Several critical and minor issues had been observed during the maintenance period. Through your quick and pragmatic reaction, all the issues could be treated properly without any delay. Also, we’d like to express our special thanks for “Zero incident”. During the entire period, Burckhardt Compression Korea had well stuck to our safety regulations, and we could see your impressive safety consciousness.”

Mr. N.H. Park, Superintendent, KLCSM

Customer Challenges:

  • Hot and rainy weather of Korean summer
  • Confined work area with simultaneous work ongoing by different teams
  • Limited budget for the maintenance
  • Tight maintenance schedule
  • Challenging COVID-19 rules
  • Strict regulations to guarantee safety
Compressor and auxiliary service for vessel in dry dock
Compressor and auxiliary service for vessel in dry dock


Vessel name Compressor type Running hours
SM Eagle


SM Seahawk 5LP250-5B_1 38’567
Hyundai Princepia 5LP250-5B_1 35’100
Hyundai Peacepia 5LP250-5B_1 36’174


Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Full range of services, as agreed in LTSA, provided by Burckhardt Compression for compressor systems and auxiliary equipment
  • Complete coverage of service of gas coolers and PSV executed at the Burckhardt Service Center in Korea
  • On-site Fleet Management by Burckhardt Compression, coordinating several locations and authorized service partners
Gas cooler service was part of the scope
Gas cooler service was part of the scope
Equipment Service Scope Manufacturer
  • 30 000 h overhaul
  • Parts reconditioning
  • Spare parts supply
Burckhardt Compression
Gas coolers
  • Cleaning, repair, leak test
  • Spare parts supply
Pressure Safety Valve (PSV)
  • Re-certification
  • Spare parts supply
Pressure Control Valve (PCV)
  • Inspection
  • Spare parts supply
  • Overhaul
  • Spare parts supply

Customer Benefits:

  • One-stop-solution for a full range of compressor and auxiliary services
  • One contact for communication
  • Complete project management by Burckhardt Compression Korea overcoming many difficulties
  • High-quality services by OEM and authorized partners
  • Optimized compressor performance to last at least until the next service in 2.5 years
Compressors are optimized
Compressors are optimized