LDPE Symposium 2018

LDPE Symposium, June 20 – 22, 2018

Xi’an, China

The Chinese city of Xi’an is located perfectly close to where most of our LDPE business is being made. The proximity to our latest projects and our own service center creates new possibilities regarding hands-on training and first-hand customer presentations.

Visa-Free Transit

The Uhde “13th annual LDPE Plant Improvement Conference” will be held in Bangkok right after our symposium. In combination with China’s 72-hour visa-free transit, the LDPE symposium is the perfect fit.

Click here for more information about the visa-free transit. The official announcement of the UHDE conference is available here.



We are currently working on an interesting and diversified program. The symposium is going to offer a mix of hands-on trainings, expert presentations, and best-practice cases. Please check back again beginning of next year for a preliminary program.



We are looking for speakers willing to share their experience and knowledge. In case you are interested, please contact Mr. Michael Kaiser, Marketing Manager at Burckhardt Compression, at [email protected].