Burckhardt Compression (Japan) Ltd.

Burckhardt Compression (Japan) Ltd.

Yamazaki Bldg. 4F
3-7-2 Irifune
Tokyo 104-8563

Tel. +81 3 3537 8870
Fax +81 3 3537 8877
E-mail: [email protected]


About us

We, Burckhardt Compression (Japan) Ltd., are the subsidiary of Burckhardt Compression AG in Japan, one of the leading reciprocating compressor manufacturers in the world. We are the contact point for customers in Japan for Burckhardt Compression’s reciprocating compressors, Laby® Compressor, API-compliant Process Gas Compressors, Hyper Compressors manufactured in Switzerland, and API-compliant Process Gas Compressors, Standard High Pressure Compressors manufactured in India. We are also selling BRC Fuel Maker vehicle refueling appliance imported from Italy in the domestic market as its sales agent.


Our local expertise and capabilities – Compressor Systems

We have a long and good relationship with many customers in Japan for domestic as well as overseas projects. Among other applications, so far we have delivered more than 250 units of Laby® Compressors for LPG and LEG carriers, built by Japanese shipyards. We have good knowledge and experience to obtain authorities’ approval and certificates required for selling the Standard High Pressure Compressors and vehicle refueling apparatuses to be installed in Japan. The market segments we serve with our reciprocating compressors are as follows:
– Gas transport and storage
– Petrochemical and chemical
– Industrial gases
– Refineries
– Upstream oil and gas


Our local expertise and capabilities – Services

For the domestic market, we have delivered and installed hundreds of Standard High Pressure Compressors for CNG stations and Helium recovery as well as vehicle refueling apparatuses and have been providing the maintenance and repair services on them. Our service portfolio covers the following items:
– Field service for compressor overhauls, maintenance and repair
– Spare parts
– Valve reconditioning and repair for Standard High Pressure Compressors
– Technical advice and consultation
– Compressor module reconditioning for vehicle refueling apparatus
– Revamping of non-OEM compressors with our own devices, parts and valves