April 07, 2022 | Success Story, Petrochemical/Chemical Industry, Middle East & Africa, Hyper Compressor

Major turnaround of booster/primary and hyper compressors resulted in extended lifetime

Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş. - part of SOCAR - is the leading petrochemical company of Turkey. Specializing in petrochemical manufacturing, the company produces ethylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene.

Flawless production depends on the reliability and proper operation of its plant and equipment. Petkim turned to Burckhardt Compression when two LDPE compressors required a major turnaround. To better understand the compressor condition and decide about the final scope of work, Burckhardt Compression supported Petkim with expertise and knowhow.

“We are very satisfied with the professional services from Burckhardt Compression. Everybody involved in the project showed dedication to realize the work on time and within budget. The technical expertise from Burckhardt Compression is exceptional. Thank you for the quality of work and successful completion.”

Afgan Orujov
Contracts Specialist, Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş.

Customer Challenges:

  • Definition of scope of work to warranty safe compressor operation until next scheduled maintenance
  • Necessity to collect data to understand plant behavior and define required corrective actions for compressors and auxiliaries (piping, supports, foundation and motor)
  • Shortage of manpower
  • Tight schedule for the complete turnaround
  • Find a single-source supplier to coordinate and execute all compressor-related work
General overhaul of crank gear including crankcase realignment

Application Description:

Compressor manufacturer:  Burckhardt Compression
Type Booster: 6B5A
Hyper: F8
Gas C2H4

Plant Capacity

10’500 kW / 14’070 hp

120 KTA

Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

255 bar / 3’700 psia

2’650 bar / 38’425 psia

Speed 200 rpm Lubrication HP cylinder lubrication



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Compressors inspected by specialists; motor assessed by the OEM
  • Foundation condition discussed with specialists invited by Burckhardt Compression
  • List of recommendations to be implemented during/after overhauls
  • Dedicated on-site Field Service Coordinator as single point of contact for project management with daily control of project execution and schedule
  • Complete overhaul of compressors and spare parts supplied
  • Field Service Representatives working in shifts to meet given schedule
  • Management of additional scope of work after compressor inspection (support during auxiliary and gas piping installation and cleaning/flushing as well as start-up of oil skids, overhaul of cylinder lubrication unit and repair of additional cylinder/distance pieces)
Overhaul of connecting rod including replacement of bearings

Customer Benefits:

  • Transparent assessment of condition of compressors and auxiliaries so Petkim could take informed decisions about scope and schedule
  • Compressor operation fully restored on time and within budget
  • Efficient, single-source project management due to Burckhardt Compression’s in-depth expertise of LDPE plants
  • Fast and flexible mobilization of manpower by Burckhardt Compression
Complete overhaul of compressors