Burckhardt Compression exclusively takes over service for SERO PumpSystems in marine applications April 06, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression is further expanding its service expertise and, as the exclusive service provider for SHP pumps from SERO PumpSystems, will take over all service activities in the marine sector. SERO PumpSystems, based in Meckesheim, Germany, is a technologically leading supplier of side channel pumps for a wide range of applications. Read more
Burckhardt Compression wins large compressor order for a refinery hydrocracking unit April 01, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression has been selected by Technip Energies as the compressor supplier for the Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt. The order includes three fully packaged API 618 Process Gas Compressors, which will be used for the facility’s hydrocracking unit. Read more
Burckhardt Compression further strengthens its presence in the Nordic countries April 01, 2021 | News
After three years of successful cooperation with Kompressorteknik ML AB, Burckhardt Compression established a fully owned subsidiary at the existing location in Landvetter, Sweden as of April 1, 2021.

With this step, Burckhardt Compression is further strengthening its presence in the Nordic countries to best serve its customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Since 2018, Kompressorteknik ML AB has operated the Service Center close to Gothenburg as Burckhardt Compression's Authorized Service Partner with a focus on service and repair work on both Burckhardt Compression and other brands of reciprocating compressors. The new legal entity Burckhardt Compression (Sweden) AB (BCSE) was established as of April 1, 2021.
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Burckhardt Compression: Closing of remaining 40% of Shenyang Yuanda Compressor successfully completed February 23, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
After the signing for the acquisition of the remaining 40% of Shenyang Yuanda Compressor which took place on January 25, 2021, the closing has now also taken place and Shenyang Yuanda Compressor is now a 100% subsidiary of Burckhardt Compression. All formalities of the transaction have been settled and the Chinese authorities have given the necessary approvals for the announced acquisition. Read more
February 16, 2021 | News
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Burckhardt Compression Wins Order for Hydrogen Liquefaction Plant in South Korea February 16, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression has been selected as compressor supplier for a new-built hydrogen liquefaction plant in South Korea. The order includes two BCS API618 compressors for the compression of hydrogen within the liquefaction process. Read more
Burckhardt Compression acquires remaining 40% of Shenyang Yuanda Compressor January 25, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
The contract to acquire the remaining 40% of Shenyang Yuanda Compressor, based in Shenyang, China, was signed on January 25, 2021. Closing is expected within the next two weeks. Read more
Burckhardt Compression: Renewal of MBO shareholder group agreement December 15, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
The MBO shareholder group who participated in the management buyout transaction in 2002 and who initiated and conducted Burckhardt Compression’s IPO in 2006 has informed the Company that it will extend its shareholder agreement ahead of schedule for another five years, to May 2026. Read more
Burckhardt Compression Laby® LNG boil-off gas compressors for new-built container ships to support reduction of sulphur and CO2 emissions December 04, 2020 | News
To reduce sulphur and CO2 emissions at sea, the shipping industry is pushing towards alternative fuels and liquefied natural gas (LNG) tends to become the preferred solution. Therefore, an increasing amount of new-built container ships are equipped with LNG dual fuel propulsion engines. Read more
Burckhardt Compression’s oil-free API 618 Process Gas Compressor sets a new benchmark with 27’000 hours of sealing elements lifetime November 19, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Oil-free compression of hydrogen mixtures is mandatory in many industrial applications which involve components sensitive to oil. However, the absence of oil lubrication reduces the lifetime of the wear parts, to the point that a compressor can become the determining factor for an entire plant’s maintenance cycle. Read more
FirstElement Fuel Inc. orders a compressor system from Burckhardt Compression to support their growing hydrogen filling network serving the zero-emission mobility market in California November 10, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
FirstElement Fuel Inc. is partnering with the State of California, Honda, Toyota, Mitsui, and Air Liquide to develop their "True Zero Hydrogen Network". They are committed to making safe, reliable, retail hydrogen available with their "True Zero" brand for the world’s next-generation of vehicles powered by fuel cells. FirstElement Fuel believes that fuel cell vehicles will change the world in a positive way. Burckhardt Compression has produced compressors for more than 140 years and has been compressing hydrogen for over 60 years in various critical applications. With the global increasing demand for hydrogen to meet mobility and energy needs, Burckhardt Compression launched a new team earlier this year dedicated to serving customers in this rapidly growing market. Read more
Burckhardt Compression delivers significantly higher half-year results than a year ago, decline in order intake due to coronavirus outbreak, full-year guidance and Mid-Range Plan targets for 2022 confirmed November 04, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
The first half of the 2020 fiscal year closed with higher sales, significantly increased operating income and a substantial year-on-year rise in net income. Order intake was lower as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on customers. Read more