Burckhardt Compression expands its service activities in the Nordic Countries through a collaboration agreement July 24, 2017 | Media Release
Burckhardt Compression Holding AG has entered a strategic alliance with Kompressorteknik ML AB, a Swedish company based in Ludvika, Sweden. This alliance is intended to strengthen Burckhardt Compression's presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Kompressorteknik ML AB has years of experience servicing oil-free compressors and bundles its services to meet individual customer needs. Read more
Annual General Meeting adopts all motions proposed by Board of Directors July 01, 2017 | Media Release
330 shareholders participated in the Annual General Meeting of Burckhardt Compression Holding AG held at Parkarena in Winterthur on 1 July 2017. They approved all of the Board’s proposals. A dividend of CHF 7.00 per share will be distributed. Read more
Burckhardt Compression expands its presence in Canada June 26, 2017 | Media Release
Burckhardt Compression Holding AG has acquired CSM Compressor Supplies & Machine Work Ltd, (CSM) a Canadian company based in Edmonton and Drumheller, Alberta, effective June 23, 2017. The company recorded sales of about CHF 5.7 million and employed a staff of 43 in 2016. This acquisition helps Burckhardt Compression to expand its presence in the reciprocating compressor service market in Canada. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Read more
Fiscal 2016 a difficult year June 06, 2017 | Media Release
Burckhardt Compression, the world’s leading manufacturer of reciprocating compressor systems, looks back on a fiscal year that did not meet its expectations. Orders received fell well short of the figure reported for the previous fiscal year, sales growth came solely from acquisitions, and the margins were unsatisfactory, even including a substantial nonrecurring positive effect. A dividend of CHF 7.00 per share will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting. Read more
Burckhardt Compression Wins Project to Modernize Third-party Hyper Compressor at MOL Petrochemicals Plant in Hungary May 17, 2017 | News
Burckhardt Compression was selected to modernize MOL Petrochemicals' third-party Hyper Compressor at its LDPE plant in Tiszaújváros, Hungary. The goal was to improve production performance and to establish a comprehensive, long-term service capability with a running-hours guarantee. Read more
Successful Relocation of Oxygen Laby® Compressor of AGA Gas in Sweden Executed by Burckhardt Compression April 25, 2017 | News
AGA Gas, a Swedish subsidiary of Linde Group, decided to relocate the entire Laby® Compressor and auxiliary equipment from Stenungsund to a site in Sandviken 500 km away. Burckhardt Compression was selected for this job because it knows Laby® Compressors the best and it has a proven track record in managing the demanding requirements of oxygen compression applications. Read more
Deliveries of US Shale Gas to INEOS in UK Cooled by Burckhardt Compression Laby® Compressor Systems March 21, 2017 | News
Burckhardt Compression is proud to announce that it is part of the ongoing shipment of US shale gas to the INEOS Grangemouth petrochemical site in Scotland, UK. A set of high-quality low-temperature boil-off gas compressors has been installed in each of the multi-gas carriers that make up the fleet of specially designed ‘Dragon-class’ vessels and at the onshore storage tank in Grangemouth. In addition, Burckhardt Compression labyrinth piston compressors are installed at the polypropylene and polyethylene production plants in Grangemouth. Read more
Burckhardt Compression introduces short-time working for part of its workforce in Winterthur February 20, 2017 | Media Release
As already communicated by Burckhardt Compression in August and November of 2016, the market environment for its compressor manufacturing business has been unusually weak and order intake at the Systems Division has dropped significantly below the levels from the preceding years. The introduction of short-term working, as likewise announced last year, is no longer avoidable and will begin in March 2017 for some of the employees in Winterthur. The order intake in the service business, in contrast, has remained at a pleasing level. Read more
Successful Investor Day at Burckhardt Compression December 06, 2016 | Media Release
Today's Investor Day at Burckhardt Compression spotlighted the company's recent acquisitions and the business potential they offer as well as the measures that have been taken at both newly created divisions to increase incoming order volumes and reduce operating costs. Read more
Results for the First Half of 2016: Thriving Services Business – drastic decline in Gas Transport and Storage Orders in Systems Division – Operating Income at Prior-Year Level November 08, 2016 | Media Release
Order intake at Burckhardt Compression’s two divisions showed divergent developments during the first six months of the current fiscal year. The Services Division experienced a strong first half while order intake at the Systems Division had to record a strong cutback, particularly due to the slump in the gas transport and storage business by more than half. Total orders received by Burckhardt Compression amounted to CHF 222.8 mn, a decline of 12.4% from the comparable prior-year period. This figure includes orders received by Shenyang Yuanda Compressor, Burckhardt Compression’s majority-owned subsidiary as of May 2016. Adjusted for acquisitions, new orders amounted to CHF 190.3 mn, which is 25.1% below the comparable prior-year figure. Burckhardt Compression generated sales of CHF 269.6 mn (+11.0%) in the period under review; first-half sales adjusted for acquisitions amounted to CHF 228.6 mn, 5.9% less than in the prior-year period. Operating profit (–2.3%) and net income (–17.5%) were also lower than the figures reported a year ago. The capacity cuts announced in August were initiated and will produce initial cost savings already in the second half of the current fiscal year. The integration of Shenyang Yuanda Compressor and the cooperation with Arkos are proceeding as planned. Read more
Burckhardt Compression expands its presence in Germany September 19, 2016 | Media Release
Burckhardt Compression Holding AG is acquiring IKS Industrie- und Kompressorenservice GmbH, a German firm based in Bremen. The company recorded sales of about CHF 4 million and employed a staff of 17 in 2015. Through this transaction Burckhardt Compression will become a leading provider of reciprocating compressor services in Germany. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Read more
Market situation forces Burckhardt Compression to adjust capacity August 25, 2016 | Media Release
The market environment in the compressor business has developed less positively than expected in recent months. This is compounded by the fact that the changed product mix in new systems has led to lower capacity utilization in manufacturing and at the same time the growth in the services business is less dynamic than originally planned. These factors are compelling Burckhardt Compression to adjust capacity. 100 jobs are likely to be shed worldwide, 50 of them in Winterthur and 50 at other locations. In addition, short-time working will be introduced for around 100 staff at the Winterthur site as from October. Read more