Newly refurbished 3-stage compressor package

Newly refurbished 3516TALE + 4HSC 3-stage compressor package
5-7MMSCFD dependent on field conditions

You no longer need to daydream about meeting both production and regulatory requirements, this 3516TALE+ package can go anywhere with a 0.5g NOx rating, AFRC for JJJJ regulations.

  • 3516TALE + 4HSC 3-Stage Compressor Package 5-7MMSCFD***
  • Located at the Burckhardt Compression Facility in Three Rivers, TX
  • 0.5gNOx Engine with AFRC for Quad J Regulations
  • Control Panel Equipped with TTD/TDXM and Murphy M-Link Monitoring Capabilities
  • 100% Compressor Spares Available
  • Total Service Package Available with Purchase

*** Production volume dependent upon field and gas conditions