February 11, 2020 | Refinery, Asia, Non-Burckhardt, Success Story

Repair of Connecting Rod and Modificaton of Crosshead

The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. (IOCL) in Mathura, India, repeatedly struggled with its compressor, which often failed. Complications arose when the third-stage pin and the small end bush seized up three times, preventing IOCL from restarting the compressor. These circumstances forced them to operate the plant without a standby compressor. IOCL turned to Burckhardt Compression to solve the problem. As a part of the troubleshooting, repair and modification of the components were carried out. Since then, the compressor has operated properly without any issues.

“We sincerely appreciate the support of Burckhardt Compression. As a part of troubleshooting of a compressor at our hydrocracker unit, they supervised the refurbishment of the 3rd stage connecting rod and crosshead. Since the compressor was taken into line, it has run perfectly. Burckhardt Compression gave us valuable hints on how to handle the system, which was very important and useful for us.”

Jogendar Singh, Manager Mech. Maintenance (I/C), Mathura Refinery

Customer Challenges:

  •  Frequent failure of 3rd stage pin & small end bush
  •  No possibility to restart the compressor
  •  No new connecting rods / crossheads in stock
  • Time pressure because the plant had to run without a standby compressor

Application Description:

Type Other brand compressor
Gas Hydrogen
Power 3’150 kW Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

20.2 bara

198.84 bara

Speed 415 rpm Lubrication Lube

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Carrying out the job as a top priority because of urgency
  • Troubleshooting and on-site analysis
  • Repair and modification of the crosshead’s small end bore, repair of the connecting rod’s small and big end bore, assembly and commissioning of the compressor and load trial with process gas
  • Carrying out the repair and modification of the existing damaged crosshead and connecting rod by the local Burckhardt Compression Service Center


Re-machining and modification of crosshead

Customer benefits:

  • Zero machine downtime since troubleshooting and repair
  • Reduced maintenance cost: only 40% of the basic new part cost but with same reliability and performance
  • Improved compressor performance
  • Increase of mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Customer service available at all times
  • Full warranty of all new parts manufactured by Burckhardt Compression


Parts are repaired at local Burckhardt Compression workshop in India

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