January 08, 2009 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Retrofit of a Hyper Compressor – Implementation of New Measurement Technology

Burckhardt Compression received an order from LyondellBasell to replace the temperature detecting system on their Hyper compressor.

In May 2008, Burckhardt Compression received an order from LyondellBasell in Germany to replace the temperature detecting system AMOT on their existing Hyper compressor K10 at the Aubette plant in France which is in operation since 1999. LyondellBasell decided to equip the Hyper compressor with the PROGNOST®-NT monitoring and diagnostic system. As a further step of improvement, Burckhardt Compression received the order to replace the existing temperature detecting system AMOT with a new system for real-time monitoring of bearing temperature on non-stationary moving parts, called Sentry. In the short time of 6 days the Burckhardt Compression team accomplished the replacement of the system including the installation of the new temperature sensors.

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with over 160 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of reciprocating compressors, Burckhardt Compression has a dedicated team of specialists and technical competence for retrofits, engineering services, revamps and overhauls. Burckhardt Compression is the market leader for Hyper compressors with a discharge pressure up to 3500 bar.

Compared to the old temperature detection system the new system continuously measures the bearing temperature and gives out one value per revolution on non-stationary moving parts which is only possible due to the wireless sensor technology. The operators receive real-time temperature information, trend lines and diagnostics. Shut downs can be scheduled and incorrect shut downs will be avoided. The risk for unforeseeable repair costs will be minimized.

Hyper compressors are high pressure reciprocating compressors for low density polyethylene plants up to 3,500 bar (50,000 psi). It excels with a long lifetime and high safety requirements thanks to its unique design features and Burckhardt Compression’s worldwide one-stop service.


About Burckhardt Compression
Burckhardt Compression is one of the market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressor technology and the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of Laby (labyrinth piston), process gas, and hyper compressors. These compressors are used in a wide range of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in refineries, in air separation systems, and for gas transport and storage. Burckhardt Compression products are used to compress, cool or liquefy gas, for example hydrocarbon or industrial gases. Its customers include multinational companies in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and chemicals industries.

In addition to its thriving new installation business, a major driver of the company’s success is its global service network, which generates a substantial share of company revenues. This global network enables Burckhardt Compression to offer comprehensive customer support services, such as delivery of top-quality components, servicing of compressor valves, complete system overhauls, engineering services and the fulfillment of comprehensive maintenance contracts.


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