Redura® Rings & Packings

Redura® stands for unique, heterogeneous sealing systems based on our comprehensive portfolio of standard rings and specifically in-house developed and patented products. Optimized combinations of different ring designs provide superior sealing efficiency and longer lifetime for every application.

  • Redura® Rod Sealing Systems
  • Redura® Piston Sealing Systems
  • Redura® Oil Sealing Systems


Redura® Rod Sealing Systems

Redura® Rod Packing Case

Packings are typically subject to a combination of static and dynamic pressure components. The two pressure components differ considerably in terms of their influence on the sealing system’s behavior:

  • Dynamic pressure component results in a high degree of wear, failure by fracture or creep.
  • Static pressure difference is the primary load parameter influencing the leakage rate.

The distribution of the two pressure components among various sealing elements is used to optimize sealing systems:

  • Pressure relieved or sealing systems with defined wear limit in the vicinity of the compression chamber to buffer the dynamic pressure difference.
  • Subsequent gastight sealing elements are used to handle the static pressure.


Competencies for any other brands

The packing cases of Burckhardt Compression accommodate a heterogeneous combinations of piston rod sealing elements that float within precisely machined chambers to provide ideal sealing functions, minimal friction and longest lifetime. Our packing competencies also include complete solutions for any other brand. Our standard scope of supply determines the components and service of the packing. Contact our experts, we are pleased to upgrade your packing to the latest technology.

 Assembly packing

Redura® Piston Sealing Systems

Double Acting Piston

Heterogeneous sealing system designs assure perfect sealing for every compression mode:

  • Double acting
  • Single acting
  • Dual acting

The respective pressure components have a major influence on the design of an efficient piston sealing system.The importance of the different pressure components and load conditions has led to the development of heterogeneous sealing systems to provide optimal sealing performance and lowest life cycle costs. Redura® Piston Sealing Systems consist of an elaborate combination of different piston rings and rider rings. The meticulous combination based on the heterogeneous system approach allows each ring to fully deploy its optimum sealing efficiency while reducing wear to a minimum.


Redura® Oil Sealing Systems

Standard wiper assembly with two cups

Redura® Oil Sealing Systems are heterogeneously designed to meet the needs of today’s plant managers and operators. Giving confidence that the crankcase oil remains safely in the crankcase.

Optimized sealing performance:

  • Longest MTBO (mean time between overhaul)
  • Highest availability
  • Lowest life cycle costs


Razor Blade™ Technology – Hybrid Oil Wiper

Hybrid Oil Wiper Element

In order to achieve maximum performance during oil-removal, the wiper ring design has undergone elaborate optimization processes. The great challenge here is maintaining the optimized wiper design over thousands of operating hours, since most often materials optimal for a favorable wiper design do not offer the necessary good tribological properties at the same time. Burckhardt Compression Hybrid Oil Wipers, this challenge has been overcome by using a strategy similar to that of razor blades: A special guidance mechanism made of a material with optimal dry-running properties protects the sensitive wiper blades from severe wear. As a consequence, the wiper geometry is kept stable, offering long-lasting high oil-removal performance.


Persisto® Materials

Persisto® MaterialsNowadays, a wide variety of engineering plastics are available for use with sealing and rider rings in reciprocating compressors. Typically, these engineering plastics are designed as all-purpose grades for a maximum range of applications, for example in the automotive industry or chemical industry. Burckhardt Compression, by contrast, utilizes custom-made compounds for its compressor sealing systems, which are differentiated from common standard materials by the brand name Persisto®. Matrix materials, fillers and the ratio of components have been carefully selected and calibrated to optimally fulfill specific sealing functions within a Redura® Sealing Systems. Only through the use of the exclusively produced Persisto® materials do Redura® Sealing Systems achieve their maximum performance for an efficient, reliable and long-lasting operation in reciprocating compressors.