Persisto® Materials

PERSISTO® materials

Pushing the limits with secret blends. The name Persisto® stands for durable and reliable materials. Specially designed to meet the needs of reciprocating compressors, Persisto® materials, combined with Burckhardt Compression’s unique Redura® design, provide an ideal solution for every application.


Plastic materials especially developed for reciprocating compressors

Nowadays, a wide variety of engineering plastics are available for use with sealing and rider rings in reciprocating compressors. Typically, these engineering plastics are designed as all-purpose grades for a maximum range of applications, for example in the automotive industry or chemical industry. Burckhardt Compression, by contrast, utilizes custom-made compounds for its compressor sealing systems, which are differentiated from common standard materials by the brand name Persisto®. Matrix materials, fillers and the ratio of components have been carefully selected and calibrated to optimally fulfill specific sealing functions within a Redura® Sealing Systems. Only through the use of the exclusively produced Persisto® materials do Redura® Sealing Systems achieve their maximum performance for an efficient, reliable and long-lasting operation in reciprocating compressors.


Our range suits any kind of application

Burckhardt Compression offers a wide range of materials under the Persisto® name in order to guarantee the perfect solution for every application. Persisto® stands for longevity and reliability. The materials have been carefully developed and extensively tested on our test compressors in our in-house research and development department.
The materials are designed by our application engineers using the compressor’s specific characteristics, and, together with the Redura® design, ensure the optimum operating reliability of the compressor.


 Your benefits

Persisto® materials, combined with the heterogeneous combination of rings in a Redura® sealing system, ensures the following benefits:

  • Longest lifetimes
  • Highest reliability due to higher pressures and less leackage of the packing
  • Materials have specially been developed to meet the needs of reciprocating compressors
  • More than 175 years of experience as an OEM –
    we  keep the big picture in mind.



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