Results 2022

Results 2022 – reaching a next level

For five years, Burckhardt Compression’s Services Division has been focusing intensively on customer feedback. Guided by our customer-centric approach and our vision to remain engaged with the client over the life cycle of the products, we will continue to seek your feedback in the future. In 2022, there were more than 1’000 survey participants, spread over all continents and different countries. Thanks to the broad participation, we can dive into and share with you detailed local results. And, if we have more than 10 responses, we can even offer a review on company or location level. This would help to further focus the discussion on how we can deepen our collaboration with to improve and work on specific topics that influence your operations locally.

Ready to talk? We would be happy to advise you on how our future partnership can develop further and how we can meet your needs even better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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1. Performance Report

We changed how the results are reported so we can now show you survey results and trends by region, country, and industry as well as individual results for key customers. Here you will find the overall global results represented. To see individual results, please contact your local Area Sales Manager.

The category Monitoring was newly implemented in the survey in 2022 and therefore does not yet show any history data.

Key to success

A high focus has been set on the areas of proactiveness and how convenient it is to get in contact or to work with Burckhardt Compression. For this, digitalization is a major point and an approach with high priority. You may have already been involved in approaches like the offering of UP! Solutions and myFleet, the customer portal platform. Besides this, convenience is not just all about fast processes and more efficient ways of working; it also requires sharing experiences with other departments at the same level throughout the organization to learn from others and share insights on similar issues.


Highest satisfaction in
Engineering, monitoring support and repair competencies.
Highest room for improvement
Proactiveness and spare parts delivery time. 


The highest satisfaction has been confirmed in the range of repair competences, monitoring support and engineering. Although we have improved in the perception of the categories Proactiveness, Hands-on and Convenience, there is still improvement potential in the proactive approach on informing and bringing up suggestions and process handling, as well as spare parts and repair delivery dates.


Sharing experiences

By sharing your experiences with Burckhardt Compression, we can better motivate our staff with your positive comments and feedback, this also gives us the opportunity to work on individual comments to improve our performance in specific areas. Most appreciated have been employees’ efforts and willingness to go the extra mile and help to make your life more convenient. On the other hand, we see that you would have appreciated more support when it came to individual needs and more flexibility in this respect.


2. How customers perceive Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression is getting increasingly recognized as a provider for other brand services. By the way, did you know that your local Burckhardt Compression Service Center is also capable of providing service solutions for your compressors regardless of the brand? Try it out and contact us right now. We strive to become your first choice for compression services and will keep working hard to improve our performance and offerings.

3. Customer Satisfaction Level

Burckhardt Compression is a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) conscious company and it plays a significant role, we strive to constantly improve our performance. Safety is a priority – our workforce is our greatest asset, and if we leave them unprotected it can become the greatest risk. We are pleased that our employees deal with HSE to your complete satisfaction.

Overall, 90% of you said you were very satisfied with Burckhardt Compression as a company, which is an increase compared to the past.