Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

When you need consultancy, consult the best.

Burckhardt Compression is a specialized company. Very specialized, and very experienced. We know compressors. We have been building them for decades, we have been working with all types of them, and we intimately know their place and their importance in your production process.

After 160’000 hours of operation or before a Turnaround (TAR), we absolutely recommend to make an assessment of the status quo of the compressor and its environment. This assessment service – and at the same time the basis for any proposal – will help find your optimal, individual solution. Our approach is very well structured and tailored to your needs.

We are global leaders in our field and we are exactly the right company to use as technical consultants. Because we have a deep understanding not just of your equipment and all its components, but also your business needs and goals.

Technical consultancy by Burckhardt Compression. It’s a rare case of invaluable meeting cost efficient.