Compressor Technology

Leading Compressor Technology

The Laby®-GI Compressors are the result of the broad experience gained by Burckhardt Compression over many decades. The second to none design has been accomplished in close collaboration with our customers throughout the world. Based on their needs, Burckhardt Compression provides a robust and simple compressor design with a special focus on low maintenance. Decades of experience in compressor design, manufacturing, plant engineering and project execution have made us to the most reliable partner for our customers. We implemented this broad experience into our products and services. Certified Swiss manufacturing, quality management and committed workforce ensure a constant high quality level.

Initial Costs

Due to latest advanced machining technology, highly efficient manufacturing processes and global sourcing, we are able to offer compressors at very competitive prices.

Operating Costs

The high efficiency in all load conditions secures
low energy consumption which accounts for the most significant part of overall operating costs. No extra requirements on the crew guarantee low expenditures on training. The high quality of our compressors results in a long MTBO.

Maintenance Costs

The overall design of the compressor and the simplicity guarantee lowest wear and therefore significant savings of spares and wear parts. All service work can be performed by the ship’s crew. Quick and reliable global spare parts logistics
is a matter of course and will help you to get back into operation fast.

Lowest Life Cycle Costs

The over-all result of our continuous development are compressors with lowest life cycle costs.