Compressor Technology

MHP Compressor – Compressor Technology


  • Low investment for compressor system (small CAPEX)
  • Redundant BOG handling compressors possible
  • Wide variation in suction conditions and gas composition
  • Simultaneous delivery to main engine and aux power engine possible (optional)
  • Low power consumption (compared to other BOG handling solutions) for minimized OPEX
  • Small footprint and weight
  • Small system complexity
  • On-board maintenance possible




  • Compliant with IMO IGF and IGC codes
  • Marine standard design (LR, DNV, ABS, …)
  • Simple interface to onboard systems
  • Simple parallel operation with pump vaporizer solution


Available Options

  • Gas pre-heater for BOG pre-heating to -40°C
  • Suction side blow down vessel to prevent lube oil entering the suction side piping during stop sequences for LNG Bunker or LNG carrier
  • Variable speed drive pressure and flow control
  • Bypass pressure and flow control
  • Compressor control system
  • One compressor for high-pressure (main engine) or low-pressure (auxiliary engines) gas supply
  • Minimized injected free forces and moments because of anti-vibration supports