LNG Bunker Ships

LNG Bunker Ships

LNG bunker ships are used for refueling LNG-powered vessels at sea. Since gas evaporates continuously from the LNG, the tank pressure increases and must be controlled within the tank design pressure specifications. Burckhardt Compression’s Marine Compressor solutions offer easy and efficient BOG handling while dealing with limited space.
Gas Flow Bunker Vessel

Fuel Gas Compressor Systems for Small WinGD X-DF Powered Bunker Ships

Burckhardt Compression offers a variety of compressor solutions for fuel gas compression that have been specifically designed for marine applications. Our X-DF fuel gas compressor systems is designed for BOG management on LNG carriers equipped with WinGD X-DF two-stroke engines.

The well-proven Laby® Compressors offer the most power-efficient solution for fuel gas compression and support the optimization of the ship’s operational costs (OPEX). The oil-free compressor system is able to supply gen-sets, the propulsion engine and the reliquefaction system. In addition, it can be operated in parallel to the pump vaporizer unit.

Customer benefits of Laby® Compressors

  • Low power consumption leads to minimized operational costs (OPEX)
  • Gas-tight crankcase for higher safety and zero gas loss
  • Oil-free compression to prevent oil contamination of LNG
  • Low maintenance costs due to labyrinth sealing technology
  • Robust process control without surge and choke limits
  • Insensitivity to gas and operation conditions
  • Onboard maintenance by ship’s crew possible
  • Full range of after-sales services available

Design features

  • Contactless oil-free gas compression
  • Cryogenic operation without pre-warming of BOG
  • Unique wear-free labyrinth piston sealing technology
  • Minimized vibrations for improved integration in marine applications
  • Easy installation through compact design
  • Minimized quantity of wear parts
  • Compliant with IMO, IGF and IGC codes
  • Designed according to marine standards



Contactless Labyrinth Sealing


Technical data

Max. Speed
Rated Power
kW / hp
Max. Volume Flow
m3/h** / scfm**
Min. Gas Temperature
°C / °F
2KL90 880 101 / 135 400 / 20 -140 / -220
2KL140 580 242 / 325 1’200 / 60 -140 / -220

*60 Hz supply frequency **Depending on gas composition, gas temperature, compressor suction pressure