LNG-fueled Merchant Ships

LNG-fueled Merchant Ships

More and more merchant ships that are fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) enter the market. LNG tanks of different sizes are installed on those ships depending on the operation profile that these ships are designed for.
Gas Flow LNG-fueled Merchant Ship
The number of LNG powered merchant ships is increasing every year. On these ships, LNG tanks of various sizes are installed depending on its operation profile.

  • Different tank systems are used for LNG fuel storage.
  • Since gas evaporates continuously from the LNG, the tank pressure increases and must be controlled within the tank design pressure specifications.
  • As alternative solutions like boil-off gas re-liquefaction or flaring are very costly and inefficient. The preferred solution for boil-off gas handling is to inject the gas into the on board dual-fuel engines such as main propulsion or auxiliary engines.


Marine Compressor Solutions

Burckhardt Compression’s Marine Compressor solutions for marine applications are used to deliver up to 350 bara injection pressure to dual-fuel engines that operate in the Diesel-cycle. The Marine Compressor can deliver up to 20 bara to dual fuel engines that operate in the Otto-cycle. Side streams at each stage allow multi-purpose compression feeding e.g. auxiliary engines or (if applicable) re-liquefaction processes.

The compact Marine Compressor solution for marine applications offers the chance to install redundant compressors even if space is very limited. The compressor solutions are designed for easy service that allows the on board crew to do the service. The lubricated Marine Compressors offer longest mean time between overhaul (MTBO). Included oil filtration units maintain the fuel gas quality at a high level to help the operator to meet the exhaust gas emission requirements.

If oil contamination of compressed gas is strictly forbidden an oil-free and contactless compressor solution is a must. In this case Burckhardt Compression’s Laby® Compressor solution for merchant shipping is the solution of choice.