Polypropylene Production

Polypropylene (PP) is made by the polymerization of high-purity propylene (C3H6) gas in the presence of an organometallic catalyst at relatively low pressures and temperatures. The propylene is compressed from atmospheric pressure up to 12 – 20 bara. Variations of the pressure, temperature and catalyst result in different kinds of PP, differing in its chemical formula and physical properties. Both, the recycle gas compressor and the recovery gas compressor (if applicable) deal with gases that are contaminated with abrasives and solids.


Leading Labyrinth Sealing Technology

Burckhardt Compressions leading labyrinth sealing technology on piston and packing eliminates the need for sealing rings. The insensitivity of the Laby® technology to contaminated gases helps to maximize the plant up-time and yields of polypropylene production while minimizing the OPEX costs for the compressor solution.