Isomerization is the process by which molecules are transformed into other molecules which have exactly the same atoms, but the atoms have a different arrangement e.g. A-B-C instead of B-A-C (these related molecules are known as isomers). In refining light naphta, such as butane C4 or pentane C5, hydrogen is cycled through the isomerization reactors at high temperature and pressures, to increase the octane/cetane rating.


Maximized uptime of the isomerization plant

The Process Gas Compressor solution from Burckhardt Compression is designed to fully comply with the demanding requirements to recycle compressors of the isomerization plant.  Burckhardt Compression offers its compressor solutions as complete turn-key installations, engineered packages or bare frame compressors. As a compressor OEM with more than 170 years of experience we have been setting standards for leading valves and sealing technology. With our broad in-house expertise we are able to select the ideal components for longest mean time between overhaul (MTBO) of your isomerization recycle compressor solutions. This results in maximized uptime of the isomerization plant and maximized refinery yields.