Waukesha 3521GSI Natural Gas Engine

Reciprocating Compressor Package with a Waukesha 3521GSI Natural Gas Engine

(738BHP) coupled to an Ariel JGH4 compressor frame. Compressor is a 3-stage machine capable of between 2.0 – 3.0MMSCFD based on site conditions. Package is trimmed in accordance with API 14C specifications for offshore applications. Unit is currently equipped with an EMIT emission control system with muffler and catalyst. Below are additional specs for this ready-to-go package.

  • Engine – Completely reconditioned Zero-Hour 1200 RPM Waukesha 3521-GSI
  • Cooler – Completely reconditioned Air X Changer – 132EH
  • Frame – Completely reconditioned Zero-Hour Ariel JGH-4
  • Cylinders – Completely reconditioned
  • 1st Stage – (2) 11.500 bore
  • 2nd Stage – 7.000 bore
  • 3rd Stage – 5.125 bore

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