Persisto® Materials

PERSISTO® materials

Pushing the limits of sealing technology

Burckhardt Compression develops and produces materials under the name Persisto® to meet specifically the needs of reciprocating compressors. Persisto® materials are proprietary to Burckhardt Compression and are the result of many years of development and experience as well as extensive knowledge in gas compression.



Various Persisto®Materials
Various Persisto® materials

Optimal sealing solution

Persisto® materials, combined with Burckhardt Compression’s Redura® sealing solution, provide an optimal solution for every application. The materials are designed by our material engineers from the Research & Development department using the compressor’s specific characteristics to ensure the optimum operating reliability of the compressor. Burckhardt Compression utilizes custom-made compounds for its rings and oil wipers. Matrix materials, fillers and the ratio of components have been carefully selected and calibrated to optimally fulfill specific sealing functions.

Razor blade rings
Persisto® materials are used for piston, rider and packing rings as well as oil wipers.

For any application

We offer a wide range of Persisto® materials in order to guarantee the optimal solution for every application. The materials have been extensively tested on our test compressors as well as in field tests at customer sites. Nearly any ring can be delivered in Persisto® material: packing, wiper, rider or piston rings.

Redura packing
Persisto® combined with Redura® form the optimal sealing solution.

Persisto® material family

The Persisto® family of materials consists of many different members and each of them fulfills specific application and customer requirements. Here are just a few of our special Persisto® materials.

Persisto® 850/851 is especially suitable for dry and bone-dry hydrogen and hydrocarbon gases and is a polymer blend, based on PTFE and PPS filled with soft carbon fibers and surface-active inorganic fillers. Its optimal combination of creep and wear resistance in line with an excellent conformability makes it the perfect material for high pressure differences with very light gases.

Persisto® 870 is an unrivaled blend of various fluoropolymers for high chemical, creep and wear resistant sealing and rider rings. Suitable for higher pressure differences compared to standard-filled PTFE materials.

Persisto® 880 was developed for dry and bone-dry nitrogen and inert gas applications and is a polymer blend, based on PTFE and PPS filled with soft carbon fibers and molybdenum disulphide. The filler composition is optimized for lowest wear in very dry gases and shows simultaneously adequate mechanical properties for designing typical compressor sealing and rider rings.

Persisto 850 powder
Persisto® 850 for bone-dry hydrogen applications.

Persisto® 8400 is mainly used for dry-running and oil-lubricated operations in hydrocarbon and inert gas applications. It’s a compression-molded bearing-grade PEEK for high-pressure / high-temperature applications. It shows reduced abrasiveness compared to other modified PEEK materials due to optimized carbon fiber composition.

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