Design Features

Laby®-GI Design Features

Laby®-GI Design Features (click to enlarge)

Simple Compressor Design and Proven Technology

Remote locations, harsh seas, extreme climates, highly corrosive environments, difficult gases, customization and constraints, weight and dimensions – these are just some of the basic characteristics of offshore projects. Burckhardt Compression and the simple and robust design of the Laby®-GI Compressor accept all these challenges. The combination of simple design features and proven technology have created a compressor solution which is capable of coping with this tough offshore environment. The overall simplicity of our compressor solution results in a very short installation time, very simple operation and low and easy maintenance.

From basic mechanical maintenance up to the compressor control system, the entire concept of the Laby®-GI is designed for operation by crew members with basic mechanical skill training.

Ease of Installation

  • modular, skid-mounted, single-lift packages are made for easy handling, resulting in a substantial reduction of installation time
  • integrated auxiliary modules (coolers, separators, valves, piping, purge, lubrication, instrumentation)
  • all sub-systems incorporated with pre-defined tie-in points
  • taylor-made solutions are also available for retrofitting


Ease of Operation

  • simple control concept and system
  • integrated control system as part of the ship control
  • very easy start-up and shut-down procedures that only requires a minimum training of the crew


Ease of Maintenance

  • good accessibility to all service components
  • simple mechanical maintenance procedures for reciprocating machinery can be carried out by the crew