April 08, 2021 | Success Story, Europe, Laby® Compressor, Industrial Gas

Emergency repair of a 50-year-old dry nitrogen compressor foundation in a steel plant

Cogne Acciai Speciali, a leading producer of stainless steel products based in Aosta, Italy, turned to Burckhardt Compression Italy after sudden and excessive vibrations led to the unexpected shutdown of the 50-year-old dry nitrogen compressor. A root cause analysis detected cracks in the foundation and damaged anchor bolts. Thanks to the immediate local support and close collaboration with the customer, the foundation was repaired on-site and the system was smoothly restarted within the customer's tight schedule.

“Cogne Acciai Speciali has choosen Burckhardt Compression as a reliable partner since several years. Also in this case we had strong and fast support to solve an unpredictable problem.”

Matteo Diani, Plant & Maintenance Manager,
Cogne Acciai Speciali

Customer Challenges:

  • Unexpected compressor shutdown after sudden high vibrations and noise
  • Compressor system couldn’t be restarted
  • Immediate action required due to high risk of production loss
  • Tight schedule to bring the compressor back on stream


Application Description:

Type Laby® Compressor 4D200-3A Gas Dry Nitrogen
Power 285 kW / 380 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

0.99 bara / 14.36 psia

40.18 bara / 582.76 psia

Speed 580 rpm Lubrication Oil-free

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Immediate on-site consulting by our local reciprocating compressor experts
  • Root cause analysis in order to detect the cause of the vibration and noise
  • Findings of cracked foundation and damaged anchor bolts
  • Local supervision and project handling
  • On-site repair of the compressor foundation and damaged anchor bolts
  • Alignment with the main motor and mechanical completion of the compressor
  • Smooth and safe start-up of the compressor


Compressor foundation during on-site repair

Customer Benefits:

  • Local single point of contact
  • One-stop shop solution for all service activities
  • Execution of the project within customer’s tight schedule
  • Renewed foundation condition for a reliable compressor operation
  • Smooth compressor operation condition after intervention
  • No production downtime


50-year-old nitrogen Laby® Compressor after
foundation repair

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