July 27, 2023 | Success Story, Europe, Laby® Compressor, Marine

Recycling a 2nd-hand cylinder is faster and good for the environment

Hartmann Group in Germany approached Burckhardt Compression when detecting a rise in temperature on a compressor cylinder. Hartmann Group is one of the leading shipping companies worldwide. With a fleet of about 150 vessels, the company offers the complete range of maritime services. On the LPG carrier, GASCHEM BALTIC, they needed quick help to restore the compressor to normal operation. We analyzed the data provided by Hartmann Group from their integrated automation system and found the cylinder to be beyond repair. Because of a tight schedule, a customized 2nd-hand cylinder was proposed which could be delivered much faster and it was good for the environment. Don't waste – re-use.

Sven Wünsche, Technical Superintendent, Hartmann Gas Carriers Germany

“As a long-standing service partner, we very much appreciate the expertise and understanding for our needs and processes of Burckhardt Compression. They could provide a quick solution, completely tailored to our technical requirements and within budget. This is what we call a partnership – a company we can rely on. From the technical discussion, to offer and execution we are very satisfied with the solution provided.”

Customer Challenges:

  • Temperature rise on 2nd-stage cylinder
  • Compressor not working properly
  • Tight schedule
Installation of 2nd-hand cylinder
Installation of 2nd-hand cylinder


Compressor manufacturer: Burckhardt Compression
Type Laby® 2K140 Gas C2H4, C2H6, NH3, CH3
Power 202 kW / 270 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

2.3 bar / 33 psi

18 bar / 261 psi

Speed 590 rpm Lubrication None



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Confirmed availability of 2nd-hand cylinder in our stock that would meet specifications, as providing a new one would have taken too long
  • Customized solution by adapting piping and cylinder diameter size to customer’s requirements
  • Revamp done at the Service Center in Winterthur, Switzerland
Exchange of cylinder is precision work
Exchange of cylinder is precision work

Customer Benefits:

  • One contact for customer bringing in the global
    Burckhardt Compression network
  • All relevant experts involved to find optimal solution
  • Quick solution to deliver on time
  • Sustainable service: recycling instead of buying new
New cylinder was needed to restore operation
New cylinder was needed to restore operation