Re-engineering of other brand compressor cylinder within tight time frame

July 20, 2022 | Success Story, Europe, Industrial Gas, Non-Burckhardt

Our customer Vynova operates in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, one of Europe’s largest plants for the production of suspension PVC. They turned to Burckhardt Compression after a compressor cylinder broke.

The compressor is installed at the customer’s plant for a demanding oxygen application with highest safety requirements. Within a tight time frame Burckhardt Compression re-engineered and rebuilt the cylinder with higher quality materials and added a built-in liner to ensure easy maintenance and replacement.

Customer Challenges:

  • Replacement of damaged cylinder within 8 weeks
  • High safety requirements due to demanding oxygen application
  • Built-in cylinder liner as serviceable part for easy maintenance
  • Re-use of existing valves and other parts
Old cylinder before repair at Burckhardt Compression Germany’s Service Center


Cylinder repair of third-party oxygen compressor
Type Other brand compressor
Type 1TES30
Gas O2
Power 37 kW / 49 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

10 barg / 145 psia

23 barg / 333 psia

Speed 660 rpm



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Reverse engineering of existing cylinder carried out by local team
  • Upgrade cylinder design and material in order to add a built-in cylinder liner
  • Project management
  • On-site assembly with support from our local Field Service Representative

Customer Benefits:

  • Zero safety incidents due to highest safety standards
  • Increased plant reliability thanks to higher quality material
  • Replaceable cylinder liner for easier maintainability
  • Existing compressor valves and parts can still be used after cylinder replacement